cheap air ticket to Novyy Urengoy

air ticket to Novyy Urengoy

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In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, national and regional entry-exit restrictions are frequently updated and subject to change. Please read the latest Country/Region Entry Restrictions before travelling.

cheap air ticket to Novyy Urengoy

cheap air ticket to Novyy Urengoy & FAQ

  • How many airports are there in Novyy Urengoy (NUX)?

    There are 1 airport(s) near Novyy Urengoy(NUX): Novy Urengoy Airport.
  • Which airlines offer free date changes for flights to this city during the COVID19 pandemic?

    There are no airlines with flights to this city that provide this service. Please use this information as a reference only and confirm with the airline prior to booking.

Hotels in Novyy Urengoy

4.6/5Outstanding211 Reviews
Patong Beach Phuket|12.97km from downtown
Would you like to stay at one of Patong Beach's top resorts with a perfect blend of Thailand meets the West? Would you like to swim in a pool which snakes through the massive courtyard and under bridges and have it almost all to yourself? Would you like to dine on amazing Thai cuisine for as low as $3.20 USD, and pay a tiny fraction of what rooms usually go for with nice upgrades? The famous spa at Burasari now also has massive discounts and is world class with their massages. The tourist area is a ghost town, but the 2 giant malls are open, and the the areas locals live are vibrant with cheap eats and frugal shopping. You can have the gorgeous beach all to yourselves, just a few metres away. The staff is wonderful here as always. I normally stay at Burasari when in Phuket. You should too. They just reopened during these challenging times and we are very happy as we needed to fly into Phuket on business for a few days. Take advantage of it while you can. You will be very happy with your stay here.
4.6/5Outstanding776 Reviews
Kata Beach Phuket|18.51km from downtown
Tell me how it feels to stay two nights. Health: Nice, clean everywhere, Room: The bed is very comfortable, very soft, very big. There is plenty of hot water and a good bath. Employee: Because of the epidemic, very few staff, understandably, arranged to stay a hairdressed man, on the surface very polite, actually a belly careful, no work clothes, the hotel occupancy rate is very low, I will tell me there is no big bed. After the arrangement, I saw a bunch of things, and I didn't push the luggage car to come over, so we took two babys and took a bunch of luggage. After going upstairs, I found out that I had arranged the room on the edge of the room. I think it should be their specific rules. The Chinese live in a bad room, and the middle is left to the foreigners. The next day when swimming, sure, the good rooms in the middle are all foreigner. There is a staff who is very dedicated, wearing a suit, in an inch, very polite, see the guests come to take the initiative to stand up and greet, English is very good. Breakfast: Under the epidemic, breakfast is sent to the room, and you can choose your own food on the first day. Common breakfast. What makes me sick is, the breakfast on the first day, chicken fried rice, chicken is stinky, stinky... and that is, it is recommended to change the chef! The eggs are not good, the first day of the egg, boiling time too long, the yolk are green. The next day of the egg, boiling time too short, inside is still transparent liquid.
4.5/5Excellent191 Reviews
Bang Tao Beach Phuket|7.74km from downtown
Stayed for the second time in three years and checked in for a long time. A Chinese-speaking girl was friendly and helped coordinate the three rooms together. The hotel facilities are a bit old, clean and good. It is still expanding, and it is noisy to live in the lake area near the beach. The next day, the toilet is not replaced with new toiletries, and the water is quickly replenished. If it ’s lost, it ’s better to have breakfast in the past. A swimming pool around the resort (the water is shallower) and a pool opposite the beach (the depth of the water) are good. There is a shuttle bus from the resort to the markets at the entrance of the hotel and the resort. The market has snacks. It ’s more convenient to buy things with the whole family. It ’s easy to grab a taxi to the airport. The hotel is too expensive. The overall is good, the price changes a lot, from more than seven hundred to nearly two thousand. It is suitable for rest after the lively Padang. Three days, highly recommended.
4.2/5Very Good858 Reviews
Patong Beach Phuket|11.95km from downtown
The hotel is not on the side of the road, similar to a neighborhood. Three roads lead to the hotel, two of which are gay streets in the middle period. The hotel has two buildings. It is estimated that the heaven wing is high, and there are bars and restaurants on the highest 24 floors [Figures 2 and 6]. The Royal Wing [curved in Figure 4] should be in the short one. The swimming pool between the two buildings is very good, there is a bar counter, open daily until 67 pm. The hotel is about 3 minutes from Jiangxi Lenghe Bar Street. About 10 minutes to the beach. The hotel facilities are up to standard. What is special is that different rooms in Heaven Wing have different views [Figure 8]. I'm at 701, and I have a window angle [Figure 1] to see the sea directly. It is expected that the room type of 02 can also be, and you can directly see Jiangxi Lenghe and Bar Street. The room type behind is estimated to be less direct. It must be said that it is good. I booked 4 nights at first and then 4 nights later.

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