Air China to Harbin

Air China to Harbin

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Air China to Harbin cheap flights

Air China to Harbin cheap flights & FAQ

  • What is the transportation method from the main airport to downtown in Harbin?

    • The distance from Taiping International Airport to downtown is about 34km, by taxi about 50 minutes.
  • How many airports are there in Harbin (HRB)?

    There are 1 airport(s) near Harbin(HRB): Taiping International Airport.
  • Which airlines offer free date changes for flights to this city during the COVID19 pandemic?

    There are no airlines with flights to this city that provide this service. Please use this information as a reference only and confirm with the airline prior to booking.

Hotels in Harbin

4.8/5Outstanding2453 Reviews
Jiangbei Sun Island. City Hall Area Harbin|11.44km from downtown
I admit that this trip was specially planned for Aoluguya, and the hotel did not disappoint me under the premise of such high expectations. This is awesome. Check-in at the front desk Miss Star helped me book afternoon tea and spa packages, and introduced breakfast and other restaurants; the lounge staff showed me the room, and the butler answered various services in detail. The design of the room made of solid wood is full, and the birch bark is natural, elegant and atmospheric. Unfortunately, the room type could not be upgraded. Afternoon tea is a rare, refreshing and non-greasy style. A long breakfast is not afraid of oversleeping. I especially praise the spa technology for being so good and very decompressing. Hey, it's so fragrant
4.8/5Outstanding5498 Reviews
Central Avenue.St. Sofia Church. the Songhua River Harbin|3.1km from downtown
I chose a hotel close to my home. My husband is more comfortable, convenient and quality. According to the old and new level of the hotel, I screened out most of the old hotels without improvement, and chose this newer <poi id=12787 type=4 businesstype =1>#Mengwa loves to go to the parent-child hotel </poi> Habsburg In order to make it easier for children to play, I specially chose this parent-child room. The interior is very careful. NICE~Parent-child tent⛺️, cute Tigger toys, small drawing board and rocking horse, make 5-year-old children fall in love with it at a glance~ #Room Facilities Children’s toothbrushes🪥 to children’s bathrobes, to children’s bath towels, towels, washbasins, toilet ladders, shower caps, etc.... There are no supporting facilities that you can’t think of. #服务 The service staff are particularly attentive, actively assisting in printing, actively assisting in providing invalid replacement room cards, interacting with children, and actively assisting in parking guidelines #Restaurant🍴 The breakfast buffet is very rich, milk juice, Chinese and Western pasta, staple food, salad, fresh fruit and coffee ☕️, baked snacks #Location is close to the prosperous Central Street in Daoli District, about 200 meters walk, about 100 meters away from the Songhua River #Environment The third floor provides fitness and free laundry services. There are jewelry display area and wine winery display area on the first floor, which highlights the advancing with the times of the new hotel in a certain layout.
4.8/5Outstanding231 Reviews
Central Avenue.St. Sofia Church. the Songhua River Harbin|2.63km from downtown
On November 27th, I stayed at Xi'an (Central Avenue) as a southerner who came to Harbin for the first time. The first time I chose Xi'an Hotel (Central Avenue) was also the first time I lived in a comfortable, happy and heart-warming hotel. . Whether it is from the hotel's service attitude, high room allocation and modern supporting services, I am very satisfied! I'm really not a trust, I sincerely recommend everyone to choose! Consider staying in Xi'an! Every time I return to the hotel to serve my lady, I am very warm and open the door for you to pour hot water for you! Help pull the luggage 🧳 to the room! Not only do you have fun when you travel, but you must also live happily! Comfortable! Xi'an is really one of the few hotels that I have ever seen to do very good service! Thank you very much, Miss Feng, the waiter on duty at the front desk in the early hours of the 27th! (Very heartwarming) and the caring service of two young ladies, Xiao Tingting and Wang Xuejia! Next time I come to Harbin, I will choose to stay in Xi'an without hesitation!
4.8/5Outstanding1697 Reviews
Jiangbei Sun Island. City Hall Area Harbin|12.09km from downtown
The hotel is located in Songbei District. From the perspective of a local, the location is a bit off. If you come to Harbin in winter, it's a good choice because it's close to the ice and snow amusement project. In other seasons, just haha. The overall feeling is that the positioning of Wenhua is more high-end. From the overall layout of the hotel lobby, rooms, and facilities, everything is hoped to give the guests a sense of high-end atmosphere. The room size is not worse than that of Intercontinental. The one-click service is connected and the response efficiency is quite high. Whatever needs can be solved, this has to be 👍. Unlike traditional hotel guidebooks that are bound into a book, their home is packed in a cover, and the content is relatively simple. The front and back sides of both Chinese and English add up to 4 sheets of paper. If you don't pay attention, you ignore it. The breakfast variety is good, Chinese and Western styles are available, and the taste is good. I personally think that the bread and cakes are well made. I think it is very hard and soft and tastes good. Jam is not the kind of small package to pick up (cheese is), but a large bowl, if you want to pick it up with a public spoon, it feels a bit inappropriate. InterContinental and Sofitel are all convenient packaging designs, safe and hygienic. The room staff are very enthusiastic, they will greet each other when they meet, and if they don’t understand, they will personally help to solve them. There is Sunac City in the surrounding area, and there is a lot of food and drink nearby, but it is a bit far from the city center and ✈️. The baby elephant folded with towels on the bed in the housekeeping department is so cute that I can't bear to remove it.

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