Best Italy eSIMs

Stay connected in Italy for less than S$0.54 per day.

Italy eSIM 5G high-speed

  • CoverageItaly
  • Data1 to 30 GB
  • Validity3 to 30 Days
  • Pricefrom S$2.11
  • Reviews (5.0 ★)1 reviews
  • Bookings55 bookings

Italy,France,Germany & UK eSIM

  • CoverageItaly,France,Germany,UK
  • Data1 GB to Unlimited
  • Validity3 to 30 Days
  • Pricefrom S$2.37
  • Reviews (4.0 ★)21 reviews
  • Bookings200+ bookings

Europe 32 Countries eSIM

  • CoverageEurope 32 Countries
  • Data500 MB to Unlimited
  • Validity1 to 30 Days
  • Pricefrom S$2.83
  • Reviews (4.5 ★)96 reviews
  • Bookings1k+ bookings

Why buy eSIM with

✔ High-Speed, Generous Data (5G)

With's eSIM, access high-speed 5G data wherever available. Stay connected with generous data allowances, perfect for streaming, browsing, and working on the go.

✔ Keep Your Original Phone Number

Maintain your original phone number while traveling. eSIM allows you to stay reachable on your primary number, ensuring you never miss an important call.

✔ Instant Activation

Activate your eSIM immediately upon purchase and start using data right away after you land. No need to visit a store or wait for for delivery.

✔ No Contracts, 100% Prepaid

Our eSIM plans are 100% prepaid with no long-term contracts. Enjoy the freedom to choose and change your plan without any hidden fees or commitments.

✔ Flexible Plan Options

Choose from a wide variety of data plans and durations that suit your travel needs. Whether you need data for a few days or an entire month, has you covered.

✔ Affordable & Clear Pricing

Save on roaming charges with's competitively priced eSIM plans. Enjoy clear and straightforward pricing with no surprise fees.

Italy eSIM

From the ancient ruins of Rome to the picturesque canals of Venice, Italy is a land of timeless beauty and cultural wonders! Before you plan your Italian travels, let’s ensure you stay connected with Italy eSIM. offers you the ultimate guide to Italy eSIM, making your adventure an unforgettable memory. Let’s get started!

Best choices on Italy eSIM

Italy eSIM 7 Days
  • CountryItaly
  • Package Option5GB
  • Number of Days7 Days
  • PriceS$9.04
Italy eSIM 14 Days
  • CountryItaly
  • Package Option10GB
  • Number of Days14 Days
  • PriceS$16.59
Italy eSIM 30 Days
  • CountryItaly
  • Package Option15GB
  • Number of Days30 Days
  • PriceS$24.85

Understanding eSIM

No more hassles with physical SIM cards, since eSIM will get you covered with its digital transformation technology. This innovation allows you to activate your data roaming instantly and remotely, ensuring you’re always connected wherever you go. It is the best choice for travellers!

Exploring Italy eSIM providers

Italy eSIM

Main eSIM operators in Italy include Vodafone Italia, TIM (Telecom Italia Mobile), Wind Tre, and Roam eSIM. Let’s summarise each operator:

Vodafone Italia

Vodafone is one of Italy's leading mobile operators, offering a wide range of services. They are known for their extensive coverage and reliable network. They offer competitive eSIM plans tailored for various needs, including data, calls, and texts.

TIM (Telecom Italia Mobile)

TIM provides eSIM plans with flexible data packages and additional services such as international roaming. It is suitable for both local residents and travellers requiring reliable mobile services.

Wind Tre

Wind Tre offers comprehensive eSIM solutions with a focus on affordability and flexibility. You can customise plans based on your needs, including data-heavy and voice-centric plans. It is well-suited for those who are seeking cost-effective connectivity.

Roam eSIM

Roam eSIM is recognised for its global eSIM services. It offers eSIM plans with competitive and flexible data options, with multiple destinations covered all over the world. It’s a must for frequent travellers and digital nomads requiring consistent connectivity worldwide.

All in all, each of the operators offers unique advantages according to their coverage, pricing and services. Whether you travel to Italy or even internationally, these eSIM providers ensure you stay seamlessly connected throughout your adventure.

5 Steps on how Italy eSIM works

Italy eSIM

Curious about the process? Learn how to purchase and activate your Italy eSIM in a few simple steps. You’ll be ready to connect Italy networks like a local in a second.

Step 1: Check compatibility

Italy eSIM works with compatible devices that support eSIM. You need to ensure your device is compatible with the eSIM. Check the supported list below:

Italy eSIM compatible devices

Step 2: Book Italy eSIM plans based on your needs

Select an eSIM plan, including data package and number of days.

Italy eSIM data package

Step 3: Download and installation

After purchasing an Italy eSIM plan, you will receive a QR code for from the provider. You can download the eSIM profile onto the device by scanning the QR code or entering the activation code manually.

  • For iOS users

You can scan the QR code by the following steps:

  1. Go to 'Settings - Cellular - Add eSIM'.
  2. 2. Choose 'Use QR code' then scan the code.

Or install manually:

  1. Go to 'Settings - Cellular - Add eSIM'.
  2. Choose 'Use QR code' then tap 'Enter Details Manually' at the bottom, Enter 'SM-DP+ Address' and 'Activation Code'.
  • For Android users

You can scan the QR code by the following steps:

  1. Go to 'Settings', tap 'Network & internet', then tap + next to SIMs.
  2. Tap 'Download a SIM instead?', then tap 'Next' on the following page.
  3. When you see 'Scan QR code from network', use your phone to scan the QR code, then tap 'Download'.

Or install manually:

  1. Go to 'Settings', tap 'Network & internet', then tap + next to SIMs.
  2. Tap 'Download a SIM instead?', then tap 'Next' in the following page.
  3. Tap 'Need help?', then tap 'Enter it manually'.
  4. Enter the code for Android, tap 'Continue' then tap 'Download'.

Step 4: Activate the eSIM

Users activate the eSIM profile on their device, which configures it to connect to the mobile network specified by the eSIM provider.

  • For iOS users
  1. Tap 'Activate eSIM' then 'Continue'.
  2. Select a label or input a custom label for subsequent use.
  3. Select your eSIM as the default network for 'Cellular Data', do not turn on 'Allow Cellular Data Switching'.
  4. Choose the eSIM, enable 'Turn On This Line', and turn on ‘Data Roaming’.
  5. If your eSIM connects to an incorrect network, go to 'Network Selection' and select the correct network.
  • For Android users
  1. After the download is completed, tap 'Settings'.
  2. Choose the eSIM from SIMs.
  3. Turn on 'Use Sim' and select 'Yes'.
  4. Turn on 'Mobile data'.
  5. Turn on 'Roaming' then select 'OK'.
  6. If your eSIM connects to an incorrect network, tap 'SIMs' and then tap 'Automatically select network' on the next page to select the correct network manually.

Step 5: Get connected

Once activated, Italy eSIM seamlessly integrates your device with the designated mobile network, ensuring uninterrupted access to high-speed data. You can stay connected and navigate Italy with ease now!


Please do not delete eSIM once eSIM is successfully installed, or the package might be invalid and you will need to purchase another eSIM.

Distinguishing the differences between eSIM, SIM and WIFI

Italy eSIM


eSIM is embedded directly into the device without swapping the SIM card. It offers flexibility for switching networks and is suitable for newer devices. It will be ideal if you have a short-term travel or for business use when abroad.


SIM is a physical card inserted into the device to connect to the mobile network. If you want to switch networks or devices, it requires removal and replacement. SIM cards are ubiquitous in daily life and are extensively utilised worldwide.


Wireless networking allows devices to connect to the internet if having access. It relies on the local network to provide connectivity and offers high-speed data. It will be ideal if you’d like to get stable connectivity at home, for business and in public.


In terms of form, eSIM and SIM are different, with eSIM being embedded and SIM being physical. But both eSIM and SIM provide mobile network connectivity, especially for mobile phones.

Wi-Fi is separate from eSIM and SIM which provides internet connectivity over wireless networks, distinct from cellular connectivity provided by eSIM and SIM cards.

Conclusion: If it’s for travel or short-term use when abroad, choose eSIM. If it’s for daily use, choose SIM. If you’re in public or at home and want to have heavy data activity, choose Wi-Fi.

How to choose the Italy eSIM that is best for you?

Italy eSIM

Choosing the best eSIM plan may vary for different people based on their needs.

First, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Where are you going?
  • How many days will you stay?
  • Are you a heavy-data user or a slight-data user?
  • How much data do you need?
  • Does your mobile phone support eSIM?
  • Is this eSIM plan within your budget?
  • What should I do if I encounter issues while using eSIM?

Find the answer now? Pay attention to the factors below when you choose Italy eSIM.

  • Coverage: Make sure the eSIM provider covers the country you want to visit. For Italy, there may be some eSIM providers that can also cover other Europe countries.
  • Duration: Make sure your eSIM plan covers your number of days staying in the destination.
  • Data package: Consider your network activity, and data allowance when choosing a plan. Some plans are timed based on days and some are fixed within a specific period.
  • Compatibility: Not all devices support eSIM, so you should check whether your phone supports eSIM to make sure you can get connected.
  • Cost: Compare prices to make sure you're not overpaying and choose the best data plan based on your budget.
  • Customer service: Efficient support ensures timely resolution of eSIM issues, including setup processes, and assistance with any concerns that may arise.

The best eSIM provider for you depends on your specific needs and preferences. Check different providers and compare different plans to find the one that's best for you.

3 Advantages of Italy eSIM

Seamless activation

Unlike traditional SIM cards that require physical swapping, eSIMs can be activated digitally by simply scanning a QR code or using an app. This eliminates the need to search for a local SIM card vendor upon arrival, greatly saving your time.

Customised plans

eSIM allows you to store multiple profiles on a single device. This flexibility is ideal for frequent travellers, business professionals, and anyone who needs to maintain different data plans simultaneously.

Reduced risk

With an eSIM, the risk of losing or damaging your SIM card is significantly reduced since the eSIM is embedded directly into your device. You can quickly deactivate the eSIM remotely, preventing unauthorised use and protecting your data.

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Embark connectivity with Italy eSIM

Ready to embark on your Italian adventure? With, your journey to Italy promises to be smoother, smarter, and more memorable than ever before.

Purchasing Italy eSIM from is convenient and hassle-free, with easy online ordering and instant delivery of eSIM profiles. You will enjoy seamless connectivity right away without any hassle or delay. If there are any issues, provides reliable customer support, ensuring assistance is available whenever you need it. is a one-stop travel platform trusted by millions of travellers worldwide, offering reliability when it comes to your travel needs. Not only eSIM, we get you covered in all aspects of travel, from hotel and flight booking to attractions and activities.

Users' review

Easy to use, there will be internet soon
The price is cheap, it is a 5G network, and the speed is fast.
I installed it in advance, and when the plane landed, there was immediately data on the runway, with good signals and speed throughout the journey.

FAQ about using Italy eSIM

  • How do I activate Italy eSIM on my device?

    You should follow the instructions offered by the provider, including installation and activation settings.
  • Can I use Italy eSIM for voice calls and messages?

    You should check your plan type to see if it is data only or allows voice and messages. Different eSIM plans may offer different services.
  • What should I do if I encounter issues with Italy eSIM during my trip?

    Please contact the customer support team in case you encounter any problems or need assistance with Italy eSIM.
  • Can I switch between different eSIM profiles in Italy?

    It's possible to switch between eSIM profiles or providers while in Italy. You can add multiple eSIMs to one device if needed.