Temperature in Kathmandu

20 Jul, 2024
21 ~ 29℃
20 Jul, 2024
21℃ / 29℃
21 Jul, 2024
20℃ / 27℃
22 Jul, 2024
20℃ / 28℃
23 Jul, 2024
21℃ / 30℃
24 Jul, 2024
22℃ / 30℃
25 Jul, 2024
21℃ / 30℃
Kathmandu Weather - Best Times to Visit Kathmandu
20 Jul, 2024 KathmanduWeather:Cloudy.Northerly wind:0–10 km/hour.Humidity:88%.Sunrise/Sunset:05:20/18:59
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About Kathmandu

Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, is a vibrant and bustling metropolis that is rich in culture and history. It is home to beautiful temples, palaces, and monuments that reflect the ancient Nepali architecture. The city is surrounded by the majestic Himalayan mountains, offering breathtaking views of the snow-capped peaks. The weather in Kathmandu is largely influenced by the monsoon season, with warm and humid summers and cool winters. The best time to visit is from October to December, when the weather is clear and pleasant, with temperatures ranging from 5°C to 25°C.

Weather in Kathmandu

Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, has a subtropical climate with four distinct seasons. The best time to visit this city is between September to November, when the weather is mild and dry with clear blue skies. The temperature ranges from 10°C to 27°C during these months. From December to February, the temperature drops to as low as 1°C with occasional snowfall. March to May is also a good time to visit with warm days and cool nights. June to August is the monsoon season with heavy rainfall and high humidity.

Clothing Recommendations

When visiting Kathmandu, it is important to dress appropriately for the climate and culture. Here are some general clothing recommendations:

  • Wear comfortable, breathable clothing that covers your shoulders and knees.
  • Bring a light jacket or sweater for cooler evenings or higher elevations.
  • Consider packing rain gear and waterproof shoes, as monsoon season is from June to September.
  • Avoid wearing revealing clothing, as Nepal is a conservative country with many religious sites.
  • For trekking or outdoor activities, bring sturdy shoes and warm layers.
  • It is also recommended to pack a hat and sunglasses for protection from the sun.

By following these clothing recommendations, you can ensure a comfortable and respectful experience during your visit to Kathmandu.

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