Temperature in Brisbane

25 Jul, 2024
Partly clear
10 ~ 23℃
25 Jul, 2024
Partly clear
10℃ / 23℃
26 Jul, 2024
Partly clear
10℃ / 24℃
27 Jul, 2024
12℃ / 25℃
28 Jul, 2024
Intermittent clouds
7℃ / 22℃
29 Jul, 2024
Mostly clear
8℃ / 21℃
Brisbane Weather - Best Times to Visit Brisbane
24 Jul, 2024 BrisbaneWeather:Partly clear.Northeasterly wind:0–10 km/hour.Humidity:53%.Sunrise/Sunset:06:33/17:15
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Brisbane is a vibrant city located in Queensland, Australia. Known for its sunny weather, Brisbane enjoys a subtropical climate with warm temperatures, especially during summer. The city boasts a variety of attractions including the South Bank Parklands, Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, and the Story Bridge Adventure Climb.

Weather, Seasons, and Temperature

Brisbane has a subtropical climate with warm temperatures and plenty of sunshine all year round. Summer lasts from December to February, with average temperatures ranging from 21°C to 30°C. Winter lasts from June to August, with average temperatures ranging from 9°C to 22°C. Brisbane experiences occasional rainfall throughout the year, with the wettest months being January, February, and March.

Brisbane's Climate

Brisbane generally has a subtropical climate with warm to hot temperatures throughout most of the year. The hottest months are between December and February with an average temperature of 30°C. The coolest months are between June and August with an average temperature of around 20°C. The city experiences occasional heatwaves, high humidity, and rainfall during summer. Winter is generally mild and dry. Visitors are advised to pack light, breathable clothing for summer and a light jacket for winter.

Clothing Recommendations

When visiting Brisbane, it is important to pack clothing suitable for the sub-tropical climate. The weather can be quite unpredictable, so it's recommended to bring layers that can be easily added or removed. Here are some clothing recommendations:

  • Lightweight, breathable clothing made of natural fabrics like cotton or linen
  • Comfortable walking shoes or flip flops for beach visits
  • A hat and sunglasses to protect from the sun
  • A light rain jacket or umbrella for unexpected showers
  • Swimwear if you plan on visiting the beach or going to a pool
  • Evening attire for dining out or attending cultural events

Overall, aim for comfortable and practical clothing that will keep you cool and protected from the sun while exploring Brisbane's many attractions.

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