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Iraqi Airways IA3406
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1.28 km from city centre, Baghdad
4.7/5Outstanding19 Reviews
Diamond Hotel is operated by Chinese living abroad for many years, integrating catering, entertainment and guest rooms. The hotel is located in the bustling Karada area in the center of Baghdad, 29 kilometers away from the airport,37 minute drive, close to the green area of Baghdad political center, with convenient transportation around. Diamond Hotel adheres to the management concept of "professional management, continuous optimization and continuous improvement", until every smile, greeting and service are considerate and considerate, so that you can stay in a foreign country The feeling of being away from home is like the feeling of being in the hometown of the motherland, feeling the warmth from home. Diamond Hotel is based overseas and serves Chinese compatriots living overseas. It is committed to building a platfm for emotional communication, interpersonal interaction, leisure and health preservation and business communication for guests in the mode of business, leisure, entertainment and catering Value platform. Guests can not only participate in various activities held by the hotel, meet top elites from all over the country and share valuable resources, but also make use of the elegant environment and perfect facilities of the hotel And meticulous service, enjoy travel life and business social entertainment.

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