5J828 Flight Status

  • Fri, 24 June
  • Mon, 27 June
  • Wed, 29 June
Cebu Pacific Air 5J828
4h 10min2629km
Scheduled: 27 Jun
Scheduled: 27 Jun
Scheduled: 14:55
4h 10min2629km
Scheduled: 20:00
Information provided by VariFlight. Please refer to airport announcements for the most up-to-date information.
24 Jun29 Jun

In-flight Amenities

Airbus A321
Distance Flown
  • Economy
Inflight entertainment is unavailable
Wi-Fi is unavailable
USB port
Seat Information


43 cm

Seat Width


Reclining Angle

Seat Layout Example

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Flight Scheduled Time history for 5J828

Flight info.DateAirportScheduled TimeActual TimeStatus
Cebu Pacific AirFri, 24 Jun
Ninoy Aquino International Airport
Kansai International Airport
Cebu Pacific AirWed, 22 Jun
Ninoy Aquino International Airport
Kansai International Airport
Cebu Pacific AirMon, 20 Jun
Ninoy Aquino International Airport
Kansai International Airport
Cebu Pacific AirFri, 17 Jun
Ninoy Aquino International Airport
Kansai International Airport
Cebu Pacific AirWed, 15 Jun
Ninoy Aquino International Airport
Kansai International Airport
Cebu Pacific AirMon, 13 Jun
Ninoy Aquino International Airport
Kansai International Airport
Cebu Pacific AirFri, 10 Jun
Ninoy Aquino International Airport
Kansai International Airport
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Hotels in Osaka

2.2 km from city centre, Osaka
4.7/5Outstanding1469 Reviews
Hotel Nikko Osaka is located directly across the street from Daimaru department store which is filled with both international and Japanese shops. The hotel faces the famous tree-lined Midosuji Avenue, the city's main street which is filled with numerous shopping and leisure opportunities. Shin Osaka Station is a 12-minute subway ride away, while Kyocera Dome and Osaka Castle can also be reached by subway. Dotonbori and Namba can both be reached by foot. An airport limousine bus service is available to Kansai International Airport for an extra fee.

Each spacious air-conditioned room is equipped with an LCD television, a single-serve coffee maker, BOSE speakers, and a sofa. Guest rooms were designed with the theme of gingko trees in mind, combining both luxury and comfort. Wi-Fi is available throughout the entire property.

Guests who stay at the hotel have multiple dining options. Buffet-style meals can be enjoyed at SERENA, which has options for both adults and children. For teppanyaki, including Kobe beef, guests can head to Icho, which offers both culinary and visual feasts. To sample French cuisine made with ingredients from all around Japan, guests can try the cuisine at Les Célébrites.

The hotel is located just thirty minutes away from Universal Studios Japan and guests have the option of purchasing a 1 Day Studio Pass at the front desk. The hotel also has many banquet rooms, assuring all sorts of events can be successfully held. From the Grand View banquet room, guests can admire stunning views of the city as well as masterful performances of the chefs in the open kitchen.

Last booked 2 hours ago

From S$59
2.2 km from city centre, Osaka
4.2/5Very Good374 Reviews
It is a very convenient hotel as a base for shopping and sightseeing.

Last booked 3 hours ago

From S$28
3.5 km from city centre, Osaka
4.6/5Outstanding785 Reviews
We are next to Uehonmachi Station which is 5 minutes away by subway from Namba station. A limousine bus from the hotel to Osaka's Kansai International Airport is available.

Last booked hour ago

From S$101
2.48 km from city centre, Osaka
4.4/5Excellent1657 Reviews
It is ideal for family or business or small group staying. There are many convenient stores, restaurants and supermarkets nearby which make my house very suitable for you to live like a local.

Last booked 6 minutes ago

From S$28
7.28 km from city centre, Osaka
4.7/5Outstanding158 Reviews
As the eighth official hotel of Universal Studio Japan,it covers an area of 16,970 square meters and is close to Universal Studios and Osaka Port. It has convenient transportation and a direct bus to and from Kansai Airport. Allows you to travel easily and avoid the tiring of transfers. The hotel has 760 guest rooms, designed with the concept of "liberty" ; the interior of the guest rooms follows the European-style design, and the smallest standard rooms have 26 square meters. There are restaurants and cafes in the hotel. There are up to 100 kinds of buffet breakfast to meet your various dining needs. The hotel is equipped with a large separate public bath . The water in the bath draws a natural hot spring 1,000 meters below the ground, which can promote metabolism, moisturize the skin, and wash away the fatigue of the journey. There is a large terrace outside the bath, whether Tempozan Ferris Wheel or Universal Studio Japan roller coaster can be seen at a glance. With excellent facilities and service standards, Liber Hotel will bring you relaxation and joy in your journey!

Last booked 5 hours ago

From S$69
6.63 km from city centre, Osaka
4.7/5Outstanding723 Reviews
THE PARK FRONT HOTEL AT UNIVERSAL STUDIOS JAPAN is the closest official hotel to Universal Studios, facing the main street connecting Universal City Station to Universal Studios Japan . The location in front of the park's main gate allows you to enjoy the Universal Studios from early in the morning until late at night. Of course, it is conveniently located not only for parks but also for sightseeing in Osaka City. On-site hotel is the "Archara", a buffet dining restaurant inspired by Hawaii, where you can enjoy a resort atmosphere. While feeling the hawaiian breeze, enjoy a variety of Japanese and Western variety of dishes and colorful desserts in the gorgeous setting. There is also a children's corner with a popular menu for children. Since its birth in Hawaii in 1974, the hotel is home to EggSunsings, a casual restaurant that has become popular with locals and travelers from all over the world. In addition, the time travel concierge dedicated to kids with a large gold medal appears suddenly somewhere in the hotel. Collect the stickers that the concierge will press and you will get a nice original novelty. THE PARK FRONT HOTEL AT UNIVERSAL STUDIOS JAPAN offers a number of restaurants and events for adults and children alike.

Last booked 15 hours ago

From S$119
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