Temasek Foundation SSO Concerts for Children

Nov 16, 2023



Prepare to be whisked away on a whimsical musical adventure at the enchanting “Carnival of the Animals”, a performance that has charmed generations of music enthusiasts both young and old. Joining forces with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, L’Arsenal à Musique from Canada is set to bring its theatrical brilliance to the stage, presenting a delightful concert designed especially for children.

Picture this: a majestic royal lion, nimble donkeys, stately tortoises, colossal elephants, elegant swans, and bouncing kangaroos - all coming to life through captivating actors and circus theater, including animal puppetry and costumes, in harmony with the orchestra's enchanting melodies.

This isn't just a concert - it's an immersive spectacle that celebrates the wonders of music and creativity. It's a fantastic opportunity for children and the young-at-heart to experience the power of music in a lively and interactive setting. Whether it's the delightful melodies or the theatrical artistry, this performance promises to captivate, entertain, and inspire!

Secure your tickets over at and witness the “Carnival of the Animals” come to life at the Temasek Foundation SSO Concerts for Children!

📆 Date: 17 - 18 Nov 2023

⏱️ Fri: 4pm

⏱️ Sat: 11am & 2pm

📍 Location: Victoria Concert Hall, 11 Empress Pl #01-02, Singapore 179558

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