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Apr 24, 2024


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Online reviews have blossomed into a go-to information source for billions of people around the world. Knowing the details about a product, service, or destination beforehand allows us to make informed choices. High-quality, genuine reviews are a precious commodity. For a limited time, is offering users the chance to earn great travel rewards simply for taking a moment to share their opinion. With much of the global travel industry on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic, now is the perfect time to reminisce about all the wonderful places you've visited and share those experiences with others. Do you know the secret to a great visit? Maybe you remember a shortcut or killer spot to park. Or it could be that you really didn't think a particular places lived up to its reputation. Whatever the case may be, we want to hear from you. Keep reading to find out how!

Beyond being the best place to shop for hotels and travel tickets, has information on over 2 million attractions around the world. In our quest to make travel easier, we're constantly looking for ways to expand the depth and breadth of our coverage. Now we’re reaching out to you directly. As a bit of encouragement, we’re offer some great rewards and incentives.

Hey look! Someone just earned 30 Trip Coins! Time for you to get in on the action. Starting from January 25, 2024, 00:00:00 (GMT+8), each review you submit for specific attractions on will give you a chance to earn. All you have to do is meet some basic criteria and each reviewspecific will land you 30 Trip Coins (up to 600 Trip Coins per month).

Write Attraction Reviews, You'll get a chance to win up to 600 Trip Coins each month.

I. Overview

Users who post high quality attraction reviews (defined below) containing at least 3 pictures and 100 characters subtitles shall be eligible to participate in the monthly rewards. In order to qualify, Reviews published must be original, useful travel-related content, related to the attractions specified in the activity list. Users who post one qualifying Review satisfying requirements below shall be eligible to receive 30 Trip Coins. Each user can earn max. 600 Trip Coins each month.

II. Qualifying Content Guidelines

A. Associated Attractions
1. Only reviews for attractions specified in the activity page are eligible for rewards. Check the review activity pages here:
United States:

Other English-speaking countries/regions:

B. Text Requirements
1. Text must contain a minimum of 100 characters.
2. Text must be travel-related.
3. Text must provide practical information regarding a user's personal experience and should provide a clear rational for why the experience is being recommended.
4. All text must be a user's original composition and may not be plagiarized in any manner.

C. Photo Requirements
1. Each Review must contain at least three (3) photos. The first attached photo shall be the cover photo and should represent the user's best photo. Any text superimposed on any photo must be context appropriate.

2. Photos should not be duplicated with any already published reviews or Trip Moments.
3. Photos must be clear with a uniform color tone. Photos with a horizontal perspective are encouraged.
4. Advertising information such as watermarks or QR codes is prohibited.
5. Photo composition should primarily contain the landscapes or attractions and must be broadly related to the activity theme described in the text description.
6. Photos may contain appropriate displays of people; however, selfies comprised primarily of a user's facial features are prohibited.
7. Food and beverages depicted in cover photos may comprise no more than 30% of the visible area.
8. Duplicate images or images with a high degree of similarity shall not count towards satisfying the requirements established in these guidelines.
9. Photos must be a user's original work and may not be plagiarized in any manner.

III. Reward Issuance
A. Users will receive the Trip Coins rewards within 3 working days if the posts passed the review. Users may visit their account page to view their Trip Coins balance and for information on how to redeem Trip Coins on In the event of any discrepancy between information regarding the usage of Trip Coins contained in this document and that posted on the website, the information on the website shall prevail.

IV. Additional Restrictions and Guidelines
A. This activity is only open to users who have English Language, United States/United Kingdom/Singapore/Malaysia Country settings.
B. shall regard the same user ID, the same device ID, and/or the same mobile phone number as the same user. Users many not use the same device to post using multiple user accounts. In the event a user engages in such behavior, shall only count the activity of the account that first posted as part of this activity. The participation of all other accounts maintained by the same user shall be considered void.
C. Users may not publish substantively similar reviews using the same account in other English-speaking markets. Similar, users may not obtain multiple rewards for the same reviews published in one or more markets. Users found to be engaging in this behavior shall be barred from obtaining rewards as part of this activity.
D. Users who successfully earn rewards associated with this activity may not delete content for which they have received a reward. Users found engaging in this behavior shall forfeit any rewards issued or implied under the terms of this activity and shall be barred from receiving any rewards associated with future activities on reserves all rights to recover forfeited rewards to the maximum extent allowed by law.
E. Plagiarism in any form is strictly prohibited. Reviews posted as part of this activity must be a user's original work and cannot be found to be substantively similar to Trip Moments or Reviews posted by another user. Infringement shall result in removal of the offending reviews and the disqualification of the offending user from this activity.
F. All content posted as part of this activity shall be reviewed in accordance with the standards set forth in reviews content review system. Content fails to meet established standards shall not be eligible for rewards offer as part of this activity.
G. This activity is run by
H. These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of Singapore and the courts of Singapore shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

Writing reviews is super easy. Here's a step-by-step guide that will start you on the path towards earning great travel rewards:

Finding attractions on is easy! Open the app on your mobile device and make sure you’re signed in to your personal user account? Don’t have an account? No worries, it’s free and quick to sign up.

Earn Great Travel Rewards by Writing Reviews

Earn Great Travel Rewards by Writing Reviews

Once you’re signed in, tap the icon to go to the Attractions page.

Earn Great Travel Rewards by Writing Reviews

Next select your current location or search for the destination where you want to review some attractions.

Earn Great Travel Rewards by Writing Reviews

On the destination page, tap one of the attractions entrances or use the search feature at the top.

Earn Great Travel Rewards by Writing Reviews

In the attractions lists, scroll to find something you’re interested in or use the filters to narrow down the options.

Earn Great Travel Rewards by Writing Reviews

Earn Great Travel Rewards by Writing Reviews

Tap the attraction that you want and then tap "Write a Review" at the bottom.

Earn Great Travel Rewards by Writing Reviews

Earn Great Travel Rewards by Writing Reviews

We all love to travel and we’re all eagerly awaiting the day we can do so again with ease. Until that time, why not help built a network of smart and informed travelers? Take a bit of your down time and post some reviews on You’ll can earn some travel money in the process. 😉