Jeff Chang Singapore Concert 2023

Dec 1, 2023



Welcome to the melodic world of Jeff Chang, the "Prince of Love Songs," embarking on a transformative musical odyssey with his CONTINUUM 2.0 World Tour Concert. With over three decades in the music industry, Chang's gentle yet diverse melodies have captured the hearts of millions across the Chinese music scene.

This tour promises a mesmerizing experience, merging classics and contemporary tunes, encapsulating love, faith, and the essence of youth. The meticulously crafted repertoire offers a unique dialogue with oneself, blending nostalgic tunes like “爱如潮水” (Love is Like Tide) and “信仰” (Faith) with insightful new compositions such as “无别” (No Other) and “叙述” (Narrative).

As if time-traveling through emotions, the stage design, enhanced with futuristic visuals and high-quality lighting, amplifies the concert's narrative, creating a mesmerizing atmosphere. Join Jeff Chang's CONTINUUM 2.0 for a musical journey that celebrates nostalgia, growth, and the boundless promises of the future!

Tickets are available for purchase on

📆 Date: 23 Dec 2023

⏱️ Time: 7pm

📍 Location: Singapore Indoor Stadium, 2 Stadium Walk, Singapore 397691

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