Dating in the Wild: Movie Experience at Mandai Wildlife Reserve

Nov 16, 2023



Attention adventurers and romantics! Prepare to ignite your senses and embark on an extraordinary cinematic journey with "Dating in the Wild: Movie Experience" at the Mandai Wildlife Reserve in Singapore.

Picture this: an enchanting evening at River Wonders Singapore, where blockbuster movies unfold amidst the mystical setting of the Amazon Flooded Forest, accompanied by the graceful presence of manatees gliding through the waters.

But that's just the beginning of your wild escapade! As the movies conclude, the night comes alive at the renowned Night Safari, where the wilderness beckons under the moonlit sky. Imagine being captivated by a pride of majestic lions basking in the shimmering moonlight or encountering free-ranging Malayan tapirs up close while riding aboard the iconic Night Safari Tram.

This experience isn't just about the thrill of cinema; it's a dual delight that blends the magic of movie blockbusters with real-life encounters amidst the wilderness, making it an unforgettable and uniquely wild date night. And for those seeking a daytime adventure, explore the Singapore Zoo or River Wonders before the evening movie screening—an opportunity to revel in the beauty of wildlife under the sun.

Here's an exclusive treat: facilitated by GaiGai, one of Singapore's premier offline dating agencies, singles can mingle and connect during this special Movie in the Wild experience. Please note, this package caters specifically to singles, with GaiGai staff on hand to assist during the movie event while the park visit itself is self-administered.

Whether you're seeking a magical date night or an opportunity to connect with fellow adventurers, the Movie in the Wild experience promises a fusion of romance, adventure, and wildlife exploration. So, grab your popcorn, embrace the thrill of the big screen amidst nature's wonders, and dive into an evening where love meets the untamed beauty of the wild!

For ticketing and information on movie screenings, visit

📆 Date: 11, 25 Nov, 9, 16, 23 Dec 2023

⏱️ Time: 7:30pm

📍 Location: 80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729826

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