Guide to overnight stay at Incheon International Airport for passengers taking a red-eye flight.

Dec 11, 2023


  • 1.Dining Options
    • 24-Hour Convenience Stores
    • Late-Night Dining
    • Local Cuisine Recommendations
  • 2.Rest and Accommodations
    • Rest Areas
    • Hotel Accommodations
  • 3.Transportation Options
    • Midnight Buses
    • Airport Railroad
    • Airport Buses
    • Taxi
  • 4.Facilities and Services
    • Airport Shuttle
    • Baggage Storage
    • Communication Networks
    • Courier Services
    • Medical and Infant Facilities
    • Recreation and Entertainment
    • Shopping and Strolling
    • Charging Areas
    • Shower Facilities
    • Smoking Areas
  • 5.Transit Guide
    • Transfer guide service desks
    • Terminal 1
    • Terminal 2
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Here's a detailed guide for an overnight stay at Incheon International Airport after arriving on a red-eye flight.

Airport Overview: Incheon International Airport is one of the largest airports in South Korea, consisting of Terminal 1 (T1) and Terminal 2 (T2).Terminal 1 (T1): Handles most international and some domestic flights, with four levels. The main arrivals area is located on the first floor. Terminal 2 (T2): Handles some international flights, with six levels. The main arrivals area is located on the first floor.



There are several 24-hour convenience stores such as CU, GS25, and 7-Eleven throughout the airport. They offer snacks, food, and daily necessities.


Some restaurants and coffee shops in the airport remain open late, serving meals, hot drinks, and snacks. Explore the terminals to find these establishments.

If you want to try local cuisine, there are various restaurants within a 500-meter radius of the airport. You can use mobile navigation or ask airport staff for nearby recommendations.

The airport provides designated rest areas with comfortable seats and rest facilities. You can find these areas on different levels within the terminals.

There are several hotels within a 500-meter radius of the airport, including luxury and budget options. Some hotels even offer free shuttle services. You can make a reservation in advance or inquire at the airport information desks.

Incheon International Airport operates several midnight bus routes that connect the airport to surrounding cities or tourist attractions. You can check specific routes and schedules at the airport service desks or official website and board the buses at designated stops.


The airport railroad provides convenient transportation from the airport to Seoul city center. You can find the entrance to the airport railroad based on the signs in each terminal and choose the appropriate train according to the schedule. Airport Subway: The airport subway line can take you to different destinations. Find the entrance to the airport subway and refer to the subway map in the terminal to choose the right line and station.

Airport buses offer convenient and comfortable transportation, connecting different terminals, parking lots, and areas around the airport. You can find information about bus stops and routes at the airport service desks or on signage within the terminals.

Taxis are available at designated taxi ranks in each terminal, providing direct transport to your destination.

Free shuttle buses operate within the airport, connecting different terminals and parking areas. You can find shuttle stops and routes at the service desks or through signage.


The airport provides baggage storage services, allowing you to store your luggage while you explore during your overnight stay. Inquire with airport staff for specific locations.

Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the airport for passengers. Check the instructions and register/login to access the network.

The airport offers courier services, allowing you to send packages or documents to specified locations. Consult airport staff for detailed information.

The airport has medical centers and nursing rooms, providing basic medical care and facilities for infants. Ask airport staff to locate these facilities.

The airport features relaxation areas, children's play areas, movie theaters, and cultural exhibition areas for passengers to relax and enjoy their time. Explore the terminals to discover these areas.

There are multiple shopping areas within the airport, offering a variety of brands and Korean specialty products. Enjoy shopping at the stores and duty-free shops within the terminals.

The airport has designated charging areas for passengers to recharge their electronic devices. Look for these areas in specified locations on different levels.

There may be shower facilities available at the airport. Inquire at the airport service desks or designated rest areas to check if such facilities are provided.

Designated smoking areas are available at the airport. Smoking is prohibited in non-designated areas.

If you have a connecting flight at Incheon International Airport, it's advisable to check your flight information and gate in advance, allowing enough time for security checks and boarding preparations. The airport has signs and staff to assist you in completing your transit procedures smoothly.

1F Registration desk :
<After immigration clearance> Between Exit 3 and 4, Desk number 18, 19
2F Information desk : Near immigration(East side)
3F Information desk : Near gate 25 and 29
1F Registration desk :
<After immigration clearance> Near Exit 3, Next to Tourist information desk
2F Information desk : In the transfer gate, Near security check
3F Information desk : Near gate 231 and gate 268
4F Information desk : At the Free Transfer lounge


Please note that the above information is for reference only, and specific locations and floors may vary. For accurate information, it is recommended to check the latest signage and consult airport staff. Have a pleasant journey